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Goblin Slayer

Some Goblins have joined the Orcs and serve as light skirmishers who can mow their enemies down through their sheer numbers alone


Orc Warg Rider

Only the most fearless Orcs join the Warg Riders. These beasts are almost as dangerous for the rider as for the enemy.


Orc Warg Riders now also cause siege damage.


Orc Fighter

Orc Fighters are heavily armoured and more than capable of confronting the warriors of the other races.


Orc Fighters now also inflict smash damage.


Orc Mercenary

Orc Mercenaries are only lightly armoured and ideally suited to launching surprise flank attacks with their spears.


Orc Marauder

Warg Riders who survive for long enough eventually rise to the rank of Marauder. They are the most heavily armoured soldiers in the Orc army, and a terrifying sight on the battlefield.


Orc Marauders also cause siege damage.


Orc Spearman

Orc Spearmen are the Orcs’ answer to the Cavalry of the other races.


Orc Spearmen also cause a damage over time effect.


Orc Drummer

Orc Drummers beat the Orcs up into a battle frenzy. Every Orc fights even more ferociously than usual with the sound of the Drummers in their ears.

AOE Buffer

War Troll

War Trolls are heavily armoured giants who can hit multiple enemy units with a single blow of their powerful mace.

Melee, AOE

Orc Firemaster

Orc Firemasters have devoted their lives to Zarach, who rewarded them with the gift of Firemagic in return.

Ranged, AOE

Siege Troll

Siege Trolls are less heavily armoured than their brothers, the War Trolls. This makes them no less dangerous, however, as they can hurl massive boulders to target enemy bases from a distance.



The Orcs make numerous blood sacrifices to the Renegades to summon a being of chaos and destruction in our world that no other force can resist.

Logo: SpellForce 3