Heroes alone are not enough to confront the challenges in SpellForce 3. You will need a strong army to crush your enemies and you can only acquire one by operating an efficient economy.


Build bases!

Your journey through Eo, the world of SpellForce 3, will require you to build bases in the most bizarre and unexpected places. Find a suitable site and build your HQ, from which you can conduct any further expansion. Use this first sector to lay the foundations for your economic power.


Capture new regions!

Your starting area does not have enough accommodation for workers to promote the economic growth you need to raise a mighty army. Use your heroes and conquer new sectors to develop them and boost your economy even further.


Research new technologies!

Use your recently acquired regions and the resources gained from them to research new technologies, allowing you to both increase raw material production and to recruit stronger and better units.


Concentrate on your sectors!

You are the leader and your attention should be focused on each of your areas. Your task is not to monitor each individual worker; simply issue the order to build the correct building and let your labour force do the rest!


Recruit your army!

Once your economy is booming you’ll be able to recruit your army. Use the resources you have collected and keep recruiting new units to fight your battles!


Be the leader on the field!

An army is held together by its leaders. Lead your troops with your heroes at the front and use their powerful abilities to turn the tide of the battle in your favour!