The group of heroes is at the centre of the SpellForce 3 experience, as they are your avatars in the world, your military leaders and adventurers all rolled into one!


Explore the world!

Eo is full of secrets just waiting to be discovered. Explore the world and find powerful weapons and armour from bygone ages for your heroes, or immerse yourself in the bustling cities and forge all sorts of relationships with the inhabitants.


Plunge headlong into battle!

Your heroes are of course formidable fighters, so get stuck in to combat with cutthroats and all manner of more dangerous and mystical beings. Harness your heroes’ strengths and use their powerful abilities from seven different skill trees to defeat your enemies.


Upgrade your group of heroes in any way you want!

Use the experience points you have collected on your adventures to increase the power of your heroes. Learn new abilities with each level up and make the most terrifying enemies tremble when confronted with your might!


Lead your armies into battle!

Even the most powerful group of heroes will benefit from an extra army to back them up. Lead your soldiers directly into battle and use your abilities to help your troops during combat.


Expand your territory!

Your heroes are also the key to economic growth, as without them you cannot conquer new lands to expand your power base. Use them to stake out your territories early on and lay the foundations for your economy!