Concept Art – SpellForce 3
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The Game

Back to the roots of the SpellForce saga! A RPG/RTS mixture, which elegantly combines the best of both worlds.

Experience war-torn times in the fantasy world of Eo. Command your troops, level/gear/skill up your heroes, strengthen your forces, conquer pivotal zones to expand your territory, and experience the world-changing events that will lead up to the convocation ritual.


15 Sep 2016

The Elves

The proud and elegant elves of Morhir were banished from their homelands of Finon Mir. They dedicate themselves to magic and live in the jungles…

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07 Sep 2016


The noble humans of Nortander are unparalleled strategists. They put their faith in the blade and religion; commanding powerful paladin warriors and mounted chivalry. The…

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07 Sep 2016


The brutal Ashreaver Orc tribe has established itself in Barga Gor from where they try to grow their influence. Orcs, who know no equal when…

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